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Update from the petition below.  Many thanks to the hundreds who signed our petition.  Here is an update on the situation. 

Good News for Mental Health in West Cork

The psychiatric nursing staff in West Cork had been halved due to the nationwide moratorium on hiring new permanent staff members. Since the petition, nearly all community mental health care positions have been filled; the the last psychiatric nursing position will be filled shortly.  And all community mental health care positions in Cork South will be filled by the end of 2012.  Great news, and thanks to all who worked hard for this achievement. 

Our next objective is to help newly referred 16 and 17 year olds find mental health inpatient care when needed.  They're now being treated in adult outpatient facilities, but this is not possible if they require inpatient care.  Please help us lobby to have this intolerable situation corrected.

The plight of 16-17-year olds with mental health problems continues if they need hospitalization.  Despite a new 20-bed facility for children in Cork, these teenagers are considered too old for the children's facility and are too young for an adult facility.   Expect to see more activity in this area.

The West Cork Mental Health Services has received funding to train staff in a family approach to mental health care.  This "Open Dialogue" approach enables people and their families and loved ones to be active agents in their recovery plans.  This approach will dovetail with the current recovery-focused, multi-disciplinary approach now pursued by Bantry psychiatric services.

The government is now developing legislation regarding the Mental Health Act and the legal capacity of people with mental health problems.  Amnesty Ireland is campaigning to eliminate prejudice and discrimination against people with mental health care needs, equality training the work place, and changing attitudes of mental health care staff.

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Sign a petition to save mental health services!
Please come and sign our petition to help us gain relief from the current ban on hiring full-time staff for mental health care in West Cork. Psychiatric nursing needs are only at 50% staffing. Other needs for the community multi-disciplinary teams such as occupational therapists and social workers are also not being met.

Minister Reilly in Mallow
Stop by in front of O'Donovan's Hotel on Saturday, 28 April, to sign the petition to the HSE from 11.00a.m. until at least 2.00p.m.

If you are not around on Saturday, you can send an individual letter (text and address below).

Petition addressed to:
Dr. Cathal Magee, Chief Executive Officer, Health Service Executive, c/o Dr. Steevens' Hospital, Dublin 8

Copies to:
Dr. James Reilly, Minister for Health, Department of Health, Hawkins House, Dublin 2
Kathleen Lynch T.D., Minister for Disability, Equality, Mental Health and Older People, Heron House, Blackpool Retail Park, Blackpool, Cork
Mr. Jim Daly T.D., Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2
Mr. Noel Harrington T.D., Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2
Mr. Michael McCarthy T.D., Milleenananig, Clonakilty Road, Dunmanway, Co. Cork

We ask you to lift the moratorium on employing full-time Community Psychiatric nurses. In West Cork we have undergone a 50% cut and recruitment for permanent posts is not allowed. We also ask that all Community Mental Health Care Team posts be filled promptly as promised. Those needing care are suffering.
For background information read the attached report by the Psychiatric Nurses Association from 2010, commenting on 'a mental health service in free-fall' with mental health receiving 'the lowest ever spend on mental health services' at 5%, compared with 8% recommended in Vision for Change, and 12% spent in the UK.  Further cuts will drain this service beyond breaking point 'at a time when demand for these services has never been greater'.

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