Mental Health Campaign Update

The Clonakilty Amnesty campaign

"Our mental health campaign continues--with a focus on changes in mental health legislation, children and youth mental health, and challenging mental health prejudice and discrimination.

Legislation is a critical issue, and we have a three-fold focus.  The new HSE Governance Bill has established a Director for Mental Health Services; with this, we will be lobbying to see A Vision for Change made enforceable by legislation.  We're awaiting a new law that will see people's right to make mental health care decisions for themselves and will campaign to ensure people's own will and preferences are central to decision-making.  And finally, in a soon-to-be-published review of the Mental Health Act, we will campaign to ensure people's liberty and choice regarding detention of medication are respected."

The AII campaign

Mental health is a human rights issue. Amnesty International Ireland has been campaigning on mental health since 2003.  We has been working in partnership with our Experts by Experience Advisory Group to demand action from the government and achieve real improvement in the lives of people who experience mental health difficulties.

Our current priorities:
Mental Health Act 2001 review and Capacity legislation
Law to drive the reform of mental health services
Challenging mental health prejudice and discrimination
Children and young people's right to mental health

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